Video Walls


Want to make a stunning impression at your next event? A Video Wall will grab the attention of your audience by offering the largest possible viewing area that makes a high-powered impact at your event. Video walls deliver unparalleled brightness, precision and visual performance. Your presentation is visible to the entire audience, not just those seated or standing in the front row.  Stagecraft has an inventory of walls for all occasions. LED video walls are extremely bright and can be displayed anytime and anywhere, including in direct sun and inclement weather. A video wall is created by arranging a series of video wall monitors into a wall of flat screens. We offer a wide range of solutions and a multitude of looks suited to your specifications to achieve your desired effect. Each monitor can act independently or the wall can act as one large screen to maximize the size of your images. Video walls can be enhanced with custom audio and high performance speakers to give life to your display. They are easily connected to laptops, PC’s, DVD’s, Blue-ray, tablets or cameras allowing flexibility in choosing the source for your presentation. Contact Stagecraft Audio today to discuss how a video wall can bring the impact your next event deserves.